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“REFLEXOTHERAPY AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE” No. 3 (29) 2019 for the Day of Russian Homeopathy published

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Vasilenko A.M. The vicissitudes of homeopathy. From Hahnemann to the present time

Abstract In response to the Memorandum №2 «On pseudo-science of homeopathy» a brief historical review of the discussions of Pro and Contra homeopathy is given. The expediency of the introduction of homeopathy in the field of conventional medicine is proved. Keywords: homeopathy, discussions, conventional medicine


Yakovleva A.M. The problem of demarсation: a methodological aspect of discussions on homeopathy as the science.

Abstract The article deals with the main provisions of Memorandum No. 2 of the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the fight against pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research «On the pseudoscience of homeopathy» and its applications in light of methodological approaches to the problem of the scientific nature of statements (theories). In this vein, the concepts of K. Popper, T. Kuhn, M. Polanyi, P. Feyerabend and the current state of the problem of demarcation are briefly considered. The conclusion is drawn about the scientific illegality of the basic provisions and conclusions of the Memorandum from the point of view of the modern methodology of science. Keywords: verification, verifiability, homeopathy, clinical effectiveness. RAS Commission for the fight against pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research, criterion of science (criterion for demarcating science from non-science), methodology of science, scientific paradigm, the principle of similarity, falsification, falsifiability.


Mkhitaryan K.N., Akaeva T.V. Problems of conflict and interaction between supporters and opponents of homeopathy.

 Abstract The work describes the conflict between homoeopathic paradigm and the paradigm of Modern Natural Sciences. It is shown that these paradigms are not compatible. More over the modern stage of the development of homoeopathy, new experimental and clinical results, which are obtained in it, contradicts its classical paradigm, developed by S. Hahnemann. In addition, this demonstrates that the critics of homoeopathy by the representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences – members of the Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences on control pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research – is biased, incompetent, and reflects the views which are completely divorced from modern scientific realities. In order to rethink the homeopathic paradigm and bring it into line with the provisions of modern science, a new system of its postulates is proposed, which is sufficiently confirmed by clinical and experimental practice, as well by the possibility of solving with its help medical problems, and problems of interaction with science, which at the old level of the paradigm are unsolved. Keywords: homoeopathy, pseudoscience, memorandum No.2, paradigm of Modern Natural Sciences, bio-resonance therapy, medicamentous tests, control signal, advance adaptive reaction, the concept of Le Chatelier.


Vasilenko A.M. Refutation of the placebo effect of homeopathy in view of the experience of its use in veterinary medicine.

Abstract A brief outline of the history of the development of veterinary homeopathy, the experience of homeopathic treatment of dogs with inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints is presented. Based on the nature of the placebo effect, its presence in animals is practically excluded. Information about the use of homeopathy for the treatment and protection of plants finally put an end to the discussion about the placebo effect of homeopathic treatment. Keywords: homeopathy, veterinary medicine, placebo effect.


Sharov. K.S. Homeopathy and the spirit of Christianity.

Abstract In the paper, the modern anti-homeopathic ideology is studied that became highly influencing in the 2010s in Russia, the EU, the USA, and Canada. Especial attention is paid to investigating the religious constituent of this ideology. The discussion about homeopathy in the Russian Orthodox Church in the twenty-first century is also considered. Keywords: homeopathy, allopathy, pharmacological therapy, Christianity, Orthodoxy



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