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XXX Moscow Jubilee Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation "The development of the homeopathic method in modern medicine"


RUDN-University We invite you to take part on January 24-25, 2020 in the 30th Moscow Anniversary Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “Development of the homeopathic method in modern medicine”, which has traditionally been held in Moscow since 1991.
The Department of Homeopathy of the Institute of Oriental Medicine, RUDN University, with the support of the International Medical Homeopathic League (LMHI), the Russian Homeopathic Association, the Russian Homeopathic Society and the National Council on Homeopathy, invites scientists, doctors of all specialties, graduate students to participate in the scientific and practical conference on homeopathy.

The subject of the conference provides for consideration of the following issues:

- development and measures to expand the use of the method of homeopathy in practical public health;

- current issues of training medical personnel in homeopathy and the legal regulation of the use of homeopathic treatment in Russia and abroad;

- current issues of choice and features of the use of homeopathic therapy in the treatment of various pathologies;

- modern possibilities of applying expert medical systems on homeopathy in choosing a homeopathic medicine;

- topical issues of the use of homeopathy in veterinary medicine and agriculture;

- modern aspects of homeopathic pharmacy;


There are plans for "round tables" and a competition of young scientists on the topics:

- scientific research on homeopathy;

- classical homeopathy;

- homeopathic medicines in clinical practice;

- complex use of homeopathic medicines;

- Electropuncture, information medicine, and homeopathy;

- organ preparations: current issues of therapy and rehabilitation;

- Cell bioregulators: from homeopathic dilutions to peptide concentrates;

- homeopathy and veterinary medicine;

- homeopathic pharmacy;

- software, expert systems in homeopathy.

It is planned to hold an exhibition of the products of the participants of the conference on the profile of the event.
According to the materials of the scientific-practical conference, the publication of a collection of scientific papers is expected.

Login by pre-registering conference participants on rusmedhom.ru

The conference will be held on January 24-25, 2020 from 9:00 to 18:00

Venue: Main building of RUDN, at the address: Moscow, ul. Miklouho-Maclay, 6.

For all questions please contact by e-mail: info@ivmrudn.com or info@rusmedhom.ru and / or by phone +7 (499) 936-86-64, +7 (499) 936-86-65, +7 ( 495) 920-06-10

+7 (925) 663-57-36 (english speaking assistant)

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105082, Москва, ул. Большая Почтовая, д. 1/33